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Sustainable LDAR compliance and inventory control


Program Implementation

Whether you’re setting up a new program, bringing new equipment into an old one, or are engaged in a complete LDAR re-inventory, PES can add significant value to your project.
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Program Management

Get a fresh perspective on your LDAR program with PES Program Management Solutions. Improper management of an LDAR program makes your company extremely vulnerable to audits, non-compliances, fines, and penalties.
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Method 21 Monitoring

Not all Method 21 monitoring is created equal. Sure – the technical aspect should be, but more important are the integrity, reliability, and engagement of the technician.
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System Validation

Engineering drawing changes do not move at the pace of environmental compliance. In some facilities, they don’t move at all.
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Database Population

Managing LDAR database changes is challenging. Modifications usually come in large bunches, and are always accompanied by tight time constraints.
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Compliance Documentation Review

Every LDAR program should get an occasional check-up. Often, a peek under-the-hood by an autonomous expert can reveal a potential problem BEFORE it becomes a non-compliance issue.
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Unique BWON Solution

One of the most aggravating sectors of the LDAR world is the Benzene Waste Operations NESHAPs (BWON).
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PROVIEW Tagless LDAR Advantages


Permanent Solution

Proview operates under the philosophy that an accurate database is the most essential component of a highly developed LDAR program.


Improved Compliance

The Proview system converts LDAR inventory auditing from an obscure, once-every-few-years event into an operational imperative for every single monitoring episode without adding cost. In fact, it reduces costs at multiple levels.


Superior Documentation

Proview’s isometric drawings contain easy-to-access, concise information that is essential to quality recordkeeping, like DTM and UTM notations, geographical location information, problematic leak histories, visual leak information, and exemption status.


Financial Advantages

Proview provides an intuitive link between the environmental department, engineering, maintenence, and repair technicians by including essential information in a single location that all parties can easily access.

About Us

Proactive Environmental Services specializes in fugitive emissions program management, emphasizing cost reduction, inventory control and sustainable compliance. Our company is focused on bringing clarity to complicated LDAR regulations with enhanced visual tools.

“I see what you are talking about,”

is a phrase often heard when technicians and managers see LDAR data in 3D representations that accurately depict complex conditions. The visualization of LDAR data promotes confident decision-making. We are equipped with the tools, technology and expertise to streamline and improve your emission reduction process.

Successful Audits

How We Do Tagless LDAR

The experts at Proactive Environmental Services have turned isometric drawing creation into an art form. We’ve leveraged every conceivable technological and operational advantage and made this remarkable method not only affordable, but essential in the realm of LDAR cost reduction.

Sketch Image

Field Sketching

No big production required. No intrusive disruption to your program. Our technicians head to the field to document the as-built condition of your regulated piping systems using isometric sketches.
AutoCAD Conversion

Sketch Conversion

Each sketch will be expertly converted into an isometric CAD drawing, permanently detailing the individual locations and types of all LDAR components, complete with relevant regulatory data and information vital to monitoring efficiency.
Database Image

Proview Data Suite & FE Testing Compliance Software Setup

After all relevant compliance data has been extracted from the CAD files using the Proview Extraction Tool, they are uploaded into an access database for delivery to the FE Testing Compliance Software of client’s choice.


Available exclusively at PES, Proview is the ultimate system for sustainable LDAR compliance, management, and inventory control.